Bike Craze

Women's Hybrid Bikes Take Off

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Young women are taking to the latest craze about bikes in droves. As an increasing number of urban women find themselves not only wanting to have fun leisure rides in the city, but also to commute on their bikes, the sales of womens hybrid bikes have grown steadily. More and more women are finding this newcomer to the bike industry the perfect compromise.

Lighter Handling

While touring bikes used to have women as their largest buyers, the bikes were big and heavy to lug around. Racing bikes just weren't as handy for casual biking, and mountain bikes were too stripped down. The arrival of a cross-breed with the best of all three categories make these the perfect bike for an active woman.

Less Expensive

Many women have numerous pulls on their paycheck, especially single moms. While they may dream of the gleaming candy apple red beach cruiser or a fast racing bike, the hybrids price range is more affordable. Modern women are practical and this is the best of both worlds for getting around town in style.

Versatile Biking

Not everyone who wants a bike will use it for commuting. But when she has a bike that is great for those short errands around town as well as the long rides with friends, it's the perfect mid-point choice. Instead of having the cost and upkeep of two bikes, she can simply use one hybrid bike.

Many women are joining the ranks of young urban professionals who would rather bike to work than drive. With the cheaper models, greater ease of handling, and ability to be all things to a rider, the hybrid bike is an easy choice for many women today.